Anand Caterers Chandigarh

We are providing all kind of catering & Event Management Services from Small Group to Big Corporates Houses .

Sunday March 18, 2018


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One of the largest online wedding, reception, and event decorating stores.With hundreds of unique wedding decorations and wedding supplies. One-of-a-kind and
inspirational products to decorate for an event to remember. With thousands of wedding supplies from  wedding wish trees, branches, lights, floralights, favors, centerpiece vases, chandeliers, lighting, candle holders, candles, cupcake trees, cake plates, and much more. We are constantly adding new wedding and reception supplies and decorations daily to help you add style and elegance to your wedding at affordable prices.

Flower Decorations:-

Our multi-specialty services are always ready to cater to any special needs that our clients have during the course of an event. If our client wants to fragrant the
occasion with exquisite flower decoration, we are always ready to be at our client’s service and enhance the beauty of the moment with amazing flower decoration ideas.






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