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Sunday March 18, 2018


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The traditional Indian wedding is a brilliant reflection of India's opulence, faith and vibrant spirit. Wedding stage is considering the main attraction of the wedding party. It has become a important focal points of wedding plan that there wedding should be beautiful, creative, attractive and also inspirational so that the couple who are going to marriage will remember the occasion for there entire life. Couples are made their eternal promise to one another at the stage which is the life long decision of the partners. The wedding stage valued as great significance and considered as a holy place to the marriage couples and the visitors.

In Hindu culture weddings stage is also familiar as man dap.The gorgeous material specially made for the wedding stage decoration can texture the drapes, fringing.The combination of perfect color in the wedding stage can sufficiently increase the appeal of the wedding stage. In the traditional wedding stage there are some common colorful wedding themes like, glowing crimson, snow-white drapes, pearls, and silver, deep golden textures are attractive.






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